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Due to the great success of the previous editions, we are pleased to present the fourth Edition in Lingual Orthodontics – Incognito™ System. The aim of this study program is to acquire a broad background on the Incognito™ Appliance System, supported both by clinical theory and practice-oriented activities.

Students will be able to treat patients and will also have the chance to treat other patients in different stages of treatment. Mentoring and assistance will be provided through the initial cases, with the aim of supporting and developing clinical skills.

The course consist 10 modules of 2-days main (total of 20 days) always on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. In the first module, each student will be entitled to be accompanied by up to one practice staff member. This option will be also possible in the following two modules.



This course is accredited with 15.4 continuing education credits

Activity Accredited by the Academic Training Commission



The days of the week will always be Thursday and Friday


Module 1       2018 January, 18th and 19th

Module 2      2018 March, 8th and 9th

Module 3      2018 May, 17th and 18th

Module 4      2018 July, 12th and 13th

Module 5      2018 September, 20th and 21th

Module 6      2018 November, 22th and 23th

Module 7      2019 January, 17th and 18th

Module 8      2019 March, 28rd and 29th

Module 9      2019 May, 23th and 24th

Module 10    2019 July, 11th and 12th


The Course will take place in the Department of Orthodontics of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (University of Valencia). The facilities are new, very spacious and with a great luminosity.

There are hotels near the Faculty which offer convenient at different prices.

Valencia Airport has lot of international connections (including RyanAir).


The language of the program will be English.


A group of about 12 Doctors will be chosen among all the applicants, if possible prior to 2017 September 15th.

Course Fee

15.000 € (including lunch and coffee breaks).


Duration and structure

Course will start on January 2018 and will consist in 10 modules of two full days –always in Thursday and Friday-, with eighteen months duration, with a total of 15,4 ECTS (This course is accredited with 15.4 continuing education credits).
Each module will consist of one and a half day of theory, where focus will be on practical and case-based lectures, and half day of clinic where each students will start at least one case from the beginnign and have the opportunity to treat other patients in different stages of treatment from past editions.

Two exams will be performed, Septembre 2018 and May 2019, in order to evaluate the progress a acquisition of the theoretical and clinical improvement abilities and skills.

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To acquire a broad and solid theoretical and practical background on lingual orthodontics with the Incognito™ system, combined with a complete clinical experience, in order to provide security and confidence to the orthodontist to start treating safely patients with the lingual technique.

Academic program

“International Third Edition of the “Curso de Perfeccionamiento” in Lingual Orthodontics – Incognito™ System, 4th Edition.

Dr. Leandro Fernandez

Valencia Incognito Course 1st  Module


Master Presentation

Intro to Incognito: Appliance description

Advantages and disadvantages (lingual vs labial).

Manufacturing process, Digital Set Up Laboratory DSL

Impression taking/True Definition Scanning : theory and practice on patients.

Order form: appliance options. Treatment Management Portal TMP



Dr. Leandro Fernandez

Valencia Incognito Course 2nd Module


Bonding prototocols


Ligatures and ligation protocols

Typodont exercises on ligatures

Clinical practice: bonding




Local Comitee

Valencia Incognito Course 3rd Module


Overcoming the Hurdles: Barriers to Lingual treatment

Planning for Comfort

Digital Planning

Managing Extractions

Restorative Cases

Hybrid Cases (if you feel appropriate)

Lite considerations (if you feel appropriate)

Canine Management Finishing: The final hurdle




Dr. Esfandiar Modjahedpour

Valencia Incognito Course 4th  Module


The clinical impact of Incognito Lite

Different  Angle class II treatments with Incognito and Herbst / Forsus appliances

Incognito and surgery

Treatment of impacted canines with the Incognito appliance

Finishing in lingual orthodontics




Dr. Vicente Sada

Valencia Incognito Course 5th  Module


– Answer to most common dudes and problems at the beginning.

– Exceptions to the aplicattion of protocols.

– Miniscrews in lingual orthodontics.

– From easy to difficult patients.

– Finishing tricks.

Clinic: bonding of an arcade on the assigned patient.



Local Comitee

Valencia Incognito Course 6th  Module


Incognito and TAD’s: How to avoid Extractions in bi-protrusions and in severe crowding

Can TAD’s Replace OGS (orthognathic surgery) in surgically compromised patients

TAD’s and class II treatments: complex cases with incognito

Advanced  Treatment Modalities    to improve efficacy and 3D control : Impacted Teeth, Extraction Cases , Relapse cases …

Dealing with Dental Asymmetries with Incognito & TAD’s

Multidisciplinary   cases with and without TAD’s

How to turn a virtual set up into a realistic treatment plan! …



Local Comitee

Valencia Incognito Course 7th Module


Short Introduction to the IncognitoTM System

Ex and Non-Ex Treatments in Adult and Young Adult

IncognitoTM in the Teens with different biomechanics (Herbst included)

Torque control

Impacted teeth, with/without cantilevers

Biomechanic insights


Local committee

Valencia Incognito Course 8th Module


– Answer to common dudes and problems during treatment.

– Resolution of difficulties in finishing.

– Periodontal and multidisciplinary treatment.

– Management of cases in combination with implants and prostheric planification.

Clinic: follow up of patients in treatment.




Dr. Vicente Sada

Valencia Incognito Course 9th Module


– Class III treatment.

– Combination lingual and vestibular appliances.

– Extraction and non-extraction cases.

Clinic: follow up of patients in treatment.




Dr. Leandro Fernandez

Valencia Incognito Course 10rd Module


Non extraction mechanics

Extraction mechanics

Transverse problems mechanics

Archwire sequences

Debonding and retention



Dr. Jose Luis GandiaProgram Manager
Dr. Vicente SadaProgram lecturer

Dr. Leandro FernándezClínic Manager

<strong>Dr. Esfandiar Modjahedpour</strong>
Dr. Esfandiar ModjahedpourProgram lecturer
<strong>Dra. Vanessa Paredes</strong>
Dra. Vanessa ParedesLocal committee

<strong>Dra. Esther Olivera</strong>
Dra. Esther OliveraLocal committee

<strong>Dr. David Manzanera</strong>
Dr. David ManzaneraLocal committee
<strong>Dr. Jordi Gascón</strong>
Dr. Jordi GascónLocal committee

<strong>Dra. Tana Manglano</strong>
Dra. Tana ManglanoLocal committee

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Master in Lingual Orthodontics 

Incognito™ System, 4rd Edition 2018/19

University of Valencia (Spain)


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